Chapter 09 – 180 Degrees Difference, Nothing In Between

180 Degrees Difference, Nothing In Between

We begin with the premise that “thought” is an atomic unit in life, and it is also the most powerful force.  A thought can make the difference if you will go left or right, fight or flight and so on…

Drawing a parallel to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, there must be an equal and opposite reaction to a force.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to that of the first body.”

So if body 1 exerts a force of 100 thingies… then body 2 MUST be ALSO exerting a force of 100 thingies of EQUAL and OPPOSITE direction.  It is 180 degrees opposite, not 179.3 or 94.6… there is NOTHING IN BETWEEN.  The forces are EQUAL and DIRECTIONALLY OPPOSITE to each other.  Said another way, 180 degrees difference, nothing in between.

So, the SAME ought to happen with the force of THOUGHTS (if thoughts are energies or forces to be reckoned with.)  If this is true, then we should be able to experiments with thoughts and see if when one is exerted an equal and opposite one is also created.

How on Earth we will prove this one way or another?  Is there a lab that can measure that?  Or is life itself is the lab…?

Here is an example told by my friend at work who was born in Kenya:

In Kenya, there are buses that take tourists sightseeing.  At the start of the tour, the tour guide tells the tourists “please beware of pickpockets and guard your wallet and valuables during the tour…”

Immediately all the tourists check their wallets, make sure they have them, open them to see if their money is intact and so on.  However, unbeknownst to them, a pickpocket is already on-board the bus and observes everyone to see where the wallets are going to be stored, and who has much money…

<let it sink in>

Thus, the life formula for this event is:

Experiment begins – No Force – Balanced Equilibrium – Status Quo = Value is 0

Force 1 (thought/intent of the tour guide) = positive intent, Value is +10, good vibes…

Negated by “180 Degrees Difference, Nothing In Between” with

Force 2 (thought/intent of the pickpocket) = negative intent, Value is -10, bad vibes…

<there, that is what is going on>

Here is another example:

Imagine the police caught two suspects for a crime.  Both are thrown in a jail cell overnight.  Both men claim they are innocent.  One suspect falls fast asleep immediately after being put in the cell, while the other is nervous and pacing in the cell all night long…

Who do you think is the real criminal?

<Jeopardy music>

Most people say “the guy who is nervous, and is pacing in the cell – he now knows he is caught and will get punished.  Also, the other guy did nothing and is relaxed.  He knows he is innocent and nothing will happen to him, so he went to sleep….”

Make sense?

Sounds right to you?

Not according to what happens in real life…  Ask any policeman and you will see that the exact opposite is true – 180 Degrees Difference, Nothing In Between

The real criminal, was pacing every night UNTIL he was caught, and was worried sick about getting caught by the police.  Now that is he caught and done being on the run, he can rest for the first time.

He knows what is coming to him so he relaxes.  At the same time, our innocent suspect who does not know what is going to happen to him, and is now worried sick about how to get out of his predicament – is pacing all night long in the cell and is very nervous and worried.

Thus, the life formula for this event is:

Experiment begins – No Force – Balanced Equilibrium – Status Quo = Value is 0

Force 1 (thought/intent of the innocent suspect) – Says “I am innocent” and he thinks to himself: I didn’t do anything, I know I didn’t do anything, I hope they will believe me, I am worried sick until this is resolved and my name is cleared

Negated by “180 Degrees Difference, Nothing In Between” with

Force 2 (thought/intent of the real criminal) – Says “I am innocent” and he thinks to himself: I did do it, I know I did it, I know what is coming to me, I know that I deserve what is coming to me, until then I can rest…


Because the forces of our thoughts are acting just like physical forces, you can use thoughts to DO things, CREATE things, ATTRACT things into your life.

The Action and Reaction of our Thoughts Are NOT Instantaneous

In both examples above, there is a time delay between the thought force and when the 180 degrees opposite force manifestation actually occurs.  In the tour bus example, there is a delta of time between the tourists checking their wallets, and when the theft will occur and the tourists will become victims.  In the jail example, there is an asynchronous nature to a suspect being booked by police, say they are innocent and the justice system’s final outcome of setting them free.

Another time delay happens also in the reverse way… Do you think that after the tourists “showed” the thief where their valuables are, and the thief steals it from them (turning them to victims) that the story is over?

Oh no, it is not over.

The reverse process has just begun, which is why thieves are really dumb!

People who do NOT UNDERSTAND how this law works – do not understand how “life” works.  They may be school-smart, or book-smart, but they are not life-smart.


Because the thief has just started a reverse chain-reaction, made by the same negative thought/force/energy of taking what is not theirs. The thief started the reverse chain-reaction to other forces that are equal in strength and have the opposite polarity.  Meaning that, stealing is only temporary and a force equal to the one they exerted will befell upon them.  There is no other way.

While it may not happen “immediately” all the time, the fate of the thief is to receive the “impact” that is the EXACT reversal of his exerted forces – 180 Degrees Difference, Nothing In Between

Have you heard of cases that criminals return the goods they stole after years?

Can you imagine the torment that the person goes through once guilt and remorse set in?

Some of you may say “hey, this is Karma, no?  what comes around goes around…?”

True, it is.  Can we conduct experiments to prove it, abstract it, formulate it so we all know this is really happening, and apply it.  Can we join our wisdom to make a science out of a myth or something that sounds mystic/spiritual?  If indeed the thought has this power, then it must be bound to the same laws of nature, including conservation of energy…

The thief’s negative energy of remorse balances the wrongful and temporary “positive” gain they got by stealing.  It all balances out, and over the long term, there is no gain realized.  In other cases the thief finds out that his loot was stolen from him or confiscated by the police… The energy that was invested HAS to be spent and vice versa.  There is no other way.

Because there is latency in the offsetting of these forces, this law is hard to prove in a lab, and you the reader can help by answering the polls on the sidebar, so we can see what percent of the world thinks this is true or experiences this phenomenon.

Moreover, if you have NOT thought about your thoughts as “energy” before, it is too late now… As after reading this page you are forever “tainted” with this knowledge, and a “seed” has been planted in your mind.

Try to find this Life Law in your daily life, books, films, songs, the Bible – everywhere.


References and Quotes:
“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”
-Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Stockholm Syndrome

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