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Ori Eisen has spent the last two decades fighting online crime, and is respected for his business knowledge and leadership.

Prior to founding Trusona, Mr. Eisen founded 41st Parameter – the leading online fraud prevention and detection solution for financial institutions and e-commerce. 41st Parameter was acquired by Experian in 2013.

Prior to 41st Parameter, Mr. Eisen served as the Worldwide Fraud Director for American Express focusing on Internet and counterfeit fraud. During his tenure, he championed the project to enhance the authorization request to include Internet specific parameters.

Prior to American Express, Mr. Eisen was the Director of Fraud Prevention for VeriSign/Network Solutions. By developing new and innovative technologies, he skillfully reduced fraud losses by over 85 percent in just three months.

Mr. Eisen is often quoted by industry insiders, and receives numerous invitations to keynote industry events and conferences. Mr. Eisen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Montclair State University and he holds over two dozen cybersecurity patents.

In his free time, Mr. Eisen volunteers with Thorn, the digital defenders of children. He founded Ball To All, a charity that donates free soccer balls around the world to children who have never had one. He is a founding member of Cyber Security Canyon – Arizona’s Cyber Security Coalition. He resides in Scottsdale and is married with two children.

Mr. Eisen has dedicated his life to fighting online crime.

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  1. I have read your blog and really like the content, keep up the posts as I will be back.

  2. Joel Lentz said:

    Hi Ori,
    Mr. Lau mentioned his interactions with you over the past 3 months which led me to your blog. I took the poll to the left of this page about world peace and wanted to expound on my “I don’t know” answer since I appear to be the only person to have selected that option. First off, my question is peace at what cost. Nothing worth fighting for comes without sacrifice so if I could press that world peace button I would want to weigh the consequences first. Secondly, I’d need to know the definition of peace for my ideal of peace may be much different than a Muslim peer in the middle east or a another person with a strong faith in a god or ideal different than the one I serve. My definition of peace is to know God and to make Him known. If it were that definition, I’d happily press the button.
    Thanks for the blog and sharing your perspectives. Would be fun to continue a discussion on this topic in person one day.

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