Chapter 20 – You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

In prior chapters, we examined the forces in our universe, and suggested that if they behave like all other physical forces – they should obey the laws of physics.

Thus, if you exert certain “force” albeit in your mind, through the most powerful force there is – your thoughts, then another force is also exerted.  Just this time, with opposite direction.

This directly related to the notion of Karma and the saying “what goes around, comes around” and so on.

Assume that you did something “wrong”.  There are two options here: you did it and you know it is wrong, or you did it and you don’t know it is wrong.

We can discuss later what “wrong” means exactly, yet, for the purpose of this chapter let’s say that you took a life of another person.  This may exclude situations like wars in which the entire episode is all about taking the life of another.  Yet, it may not exclude it…

Assume that you killed someone by accident, and you were the only witness.  Your fight vs. flight instincts took over and you decided on flight…

Only you know what happened, no one else.

After a day, you begin to see and hear in your area news reports and people talk about the dead person found – you know all to well who it was, when they died, and by whom.

You decide to take your chance, and never tell a soul about what happened, thinking that after a while, this too shall pass – you decide to lay low.  In the coming months, there are more news reports, police chiefs saying they are looking for leads, clues witnesses.  After that they raise a bounty up to $1MN for any leads that will bring to the arrest of the killer.  A few more weeks go by and a report about a homeless man arrests in connection with the death is in the nightly news.  You fear the worst for this person, and not sure it to be happy or sad.  A few weeks later, this suspect is fully exonerated and the police is calling it now a cold case.

You feel more safe now, and the thoughts about that event subside in you.

You can run from your parents, and never be caught by them.

You can run from the law, and never be caught by them.

Yet, you can not run from… yourself.  Wherever you go, there you are.

It may take years and you may repress what happened, yet, two things happen to you all the time that you can not control.  You can not control the next thought to comes to your mind, and you can not control your subconscious that evokes your dreams.  Every day, every night, you may be tormented by what you did, even though you were never “caught”.

When you live your life, live it as if you will always get caught – caught by yourself.  You will need to look in the mirror tomorrow and carry the weight of your Karma.

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