Chapter 23 – The First Clapper

The First Clapper

Ever been to a performance like a concert, play, opera and you sense that it is almost over, and soon the audience will begin clapping?

Someone, always, claps first – and then this single clap is infectious and gets everyone to also clap.

In some cases, like a political speech, the audience is unsure if the pause the orator takes is meant for clapping or is it just a pause…  Nonetheless, should one person clap, the audience as a group follows and the room is filled with applause.

This blog, is my first clap, of sorts.

If I will say the words, express the thoughts, and the rest of the audience shares the same life experiences – then we will hear more and more claps and affirmations of other examined lives.

The First Clapper is a concept.  It is a point in time in which someone decides to make noise, express an opinion, and then waits to hear if the rest are also feeling like clapping.

It is a funny thing to clap at the end of an amazing performance, come to think of it.  Whether the performance was a musician, a dancer or a politician – they practiced their art for years to deliver the performance.  And yet, as an audience, we resort to the most basic sound we can muster in show of appreciation – the sound of our two hands hitting each other.  I guess, cavemen would also show their appreciation to a hunter or cave painter this way?

The revolution of human awareness will not begin – the forces of life will not operate unless one of us begins clapping and see if the others feel the same way.  Like with any other mental shift in our history, one person, man or woman must utter the words, express the thoughts, write them down and let the audience see if it resonates…

Perhaps these thoughts are not novel, not new and not earth-shattering… Yet, I for one have never heard about them, nor read about them.  While I read more than a few books, and I have witnessed many cultures’ essence of life – none offered a way to experiment and experience the effects of life as if it was a lab of sorts.

Galileo Galilei said it in an elegant way, “You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.”

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References and Quotes:

“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.”

― Galileo Galilei

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