Startup Advice

Advice for the idea stage

Is your startup a Feature, Product or Company?
Before pitching your business to a VC test your FPC

Advice for raising capital
How to pick which VC to partner with?

What are the VC due diligence questions?

Here is an Excel model to score your startup heat factor – open in Read-Only Mode

When to raise money, and when to accelerate?
See where are you on the POCA Curve

Tips on how to raise money:

Startup Nation CEO pitching in Silicon Valley?
Deck: Tips For Israeli Leaders


Advice for running a startup team

How to get your product MVP to market fast?
Consider running your startup as an Innovative Software Factory

Want to stop team arguments and infighting before they begin?
Publish your House Rules

Read what Dale Dauten thinks about House Rules

Need to take a vacation?
Taking proper vacations

Your team messed up?
How to get them to improve without raising your voice – just ask questions to say what you mean

Advice for sales

Sales are slumping?
Is it a Market, Product or Sales Execution issue? Test your MPS

Sales Contracts Deal Breakers
Every contract you sign, could risk your company. Get to know the Deal Breakers

Pitching your product

Pitching your product – Take 2

Advice for first-time founder/CEO – or how to keep your sanity

What should your board deck look like?
Keep your board slides at the right level of detail

Considering hiring a CEO?
Read first the brochure called So You Want To Hire a CEO

If you want to present it to the team So You Want To Hire a CEO – Deck

Work/life balance issues?
Think about balancing this 4 parameter equation

Being On
Limit the time you are “on” to manage your stress

Who is your friend?
Sometimes, the person who shares some bad news is your real friend

The best advice I ever got?
Out of all the advice I got, this is the best one

Coming Soon
Do you really need to take this meeting?

How to fit in and stand out?

Why do I need a strategy? I know you have a strategy when you tell me what you are NOT doing! – Survive, then thrive.

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