Startup Advice

Advice for the idea stage
Is your startup a Feature, Product or Company?

How can I tell if I am an entrepreneur or a wantepreneur? – Listen to this founder’s journey

Advice for raising capital
How to pick which VC to partner with?

What are the VC due diligence questions?

How hot is my start-up? Excel model – opens in Read Only

When to raise money or accelerate? Check the POCA Curve


Advice for Startup Nation founders
Startup Nation founder pitching in Silicon Valley? Watch this video:

Startup Nation founder pitching in Silicon Valley? Read this deck

Advice for running a startup
Starting a company? It’s like starting a fire

Want to stop team arguments and seed a culture? Publish your House Rules

Read what Dale Dauten thinks about House Rules

What should your board deck look like? the right level of detail

What to do during a crisis? Survive, then thrive.

Advice for product management
How to get your product MVP to market fast? Run an Innovative Software Factory

Article: The Object Toaster

Article: Splitting user stories – the hamburger method

Waterfall? Agile? Neither? – The Product Script

Advice for sales
Sales are slumping? Is it a Market, Product or Sales Execution issue?

Negotiating a contract? Get to know the Deal Breakers

Pitching your product

Pitching your product – Take 2

Advice for first-time founder/CEO – or how to keep your sanity
Do you really need to take this meeting?

Your team messed up? Just ask questions to say what you mean

Considering hiring a CEO? Read So You Want To Hire a CEO

Considering hiring a CEO? The Deck

Work/life balance issues? See this 4 parameter equation

The stress is getting to you? Try to limit the time you are “on”

Need a vacation? Learn about taking proper vacations

Who is your real friend? Someone who shares bad news

The best advice I ever got? This is it

Coming Soon
How to fit in and stand out?

Why do I need a strategy? I know you have a strategy when you tell me what you are NOT doing!

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