Chapter 24 – Live and Let Live

Live and Let Live

The laws of nature affect us all.

No matter if you are a dictator, tyrant, king or a president – you can not change how the universe works.

Humans are at the end of the day animals, albeit, more resourceful that all other species on Earth.  By developing our cognitive abilities, we also developed “side effects” which are now part of humanity.

As animals who also developed cognitive thinking, we also have to consider the rues of the universe, or suffer extinction.

There is no insurance policy for planet Earth.

The rules apply to everyone and everything, including humans who declare themselves rulers.  Should they not consider the consequences of their thoughts, which will lead to words, and then actions… They are going to suffer extinction.

Let’s examine a very large star, an object that is inanimate and consider soulless.

When a star grows larger and larger, it consumes everything near by due to its gravitational force.  There is no malice involved, it’s just how the universe operates.

Yet, when a star runs out of attracting by force everything around it, its demise has just begun.  It seals its fate and can not reverse it.  It will run out of energy to burn, and collapse on itself and implode.  Only when it allows other stars or planets their own existence, it will have peace, tranquility ang longevity.  Our own Sun and the planets that encircle it are an example.

This star did not obey Live and Let Live.

When any group on our planet declares themselves rulers, including the Nazis in WWII – they seal their fate.


Because like a star that consumes everything that is “not itself” it will run out of fuel and will have no choice but to continue to burn itself to extinction.

Say that the Nazis would win WWII, and achieved total world domination (like the Roman Empire did once.)  The Nazi planet would have annihilated everything and everyone that was “not itself.”

Yes, it is easy to start with your typical suspects: Jews, blacks, gays, communists, artists, poets, handicapped, mentally ill, and on and on…

After being busy with purging anyone who is not a “Nazi” and making sure that any newborn must not be allowed to live if they do not fit the mold – things would be perfect, right?


What would happen next is a version of the following:

Those who seek power will keep on seeking power and the inevitable will happen – they will think that someone wants their power…

So, to outsmart those who might take their power they would create new rules about who is a Nazi and who should be purged…

This human nature is very similar to the star that finished consuming everything that is “not itself” and now has no choice but to consume itself.  There is no point at which the star or the dictator says “I am done with seeking power, I will stop now…”

The fate of the dictatorship is identical to the star that consumed its neighboring stars.  It is on a collision course with itself.

Internal power struggles about who should lead the new dictatorship after the purging of the unwanted neighbors will begin.  Coup attempts, assassinations, treason – Et tu Brute?

Eventually, the regime will have a winner, and will purge those who supported the other side, as they are not considered Nazis anymore. Wash, rinse, repeat a few more times and you lose the very people who can sustain you…

We are made of star stuff said Carl Sagan, and stars and people are made from the same atoms.  If the biggest star in our galaxy suffers the fate of extinction due to not setting a boundary of annihilation – the same fate will come to similar consumers of energy.

Live and let live is the only path that keeps both sides in existence.  After all it is written in the stars…

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References and Quotes:

“If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”

― Carl Sagan

“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.

― Carl Sagan

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  1. Seems like you are describing the Middle East here.

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