Chapter 10 – You Get Something When You Don’t Need It

You Get Something When You Don’t Need It

The balance in the universe is such that you get something when you don’t need it…

Has this happened to you?

You are looking for your <insert a thing here>, say your car keys.  You keep looking and looking… after a while you give up the search and go for “Plan B” which is going to get your spare key.  As soon as you get your spare key… just then… you find your keys.

<everything works this way>

Another example is when you try to get a loan from a bank.  You need to show the bank that you ”don’t need” the money, in order to GET the money.  You need to show that you have enough collateral, so you could have simply used your own money.

You will only get the loan, when you can show that “don’t need it.”

Another example is when you get a promotion at your job or in the military.  You usually get promoted after doing a great job, which in many cases is the very job you need to do AFTER the promotion… so you actually already did the work, you proved that you can do it, and at this point you don’t need the promotion as you already have promoted yourself.  Does this sound weird to you?

You see, a real promotion would be to take someone who has NOT shown they can do the job and give them a “chance” to do a good job.  Life is such that those cases are the exception to the rule.  You get to lead a team only AFTER you have shown you can lead.  You get responsibility only AFTER you have shown you can be responsible – and so on.

What should you do with this information?  How can you ‘will’ something into your life, using your thoughts by knowing this law?

Say there was a game called “get the most money, status, fame before you die.”  Say you are interested in this game, and you are fond of playing it and you are naturally competitive.  How could you be “winning” this game?  How could you get an advantage over the other players?

Behave as if you are already a millionaire… and that does not mean spending all your money, as that is NOT what millionaires do.  Practice saving, investing and charity/philanthropy on a small scale…

<there is nothing more to it>

The surest way to NOT have money, status and fame is to NEVER do these three things: saving, investing & charity/philanthropy.  Very simple.

If you never give your “thought energy” to others you will not get theirs back at you.  If you never provide someone with your life energy so they can rise to be wealthy and famous… you yourself will not get to advance in the game.  If you can’t part with your “money energy”, to give those who are “playing” one level (or more) below you… you are not going to get to the next level in the game.

Playing it “safe”, by only keeping your energies to yourself, is the exact way you will NOT win.

Remember, there is an opposite reaction to what you are doing, it is the fabric of life itself and you can either realize it and work with it, or live oblivious to it and suffer the consequences.

“Try” to give someone $100 and see what happens… see what are all the energies that will manifest back at you in the fabric of life…

See if you can “really” give the $100 without creating an equal and opposite reaction and ripple-effect in the pond of life.

See if the person you gave it to will simply stand still, say nothing, put the $100 in their pocket and go about their business…

IF that were to happen, then there is no opposite reaction in life, and you should stop reading now.

See if you can “really” give the $100 without it “mysteriously” coming BACK TO YOU.

Remember, it may not happen instantaneously… and at the same token, it will not take too long such that you will not be able to notice and see/feel/experience the correlation.

If this theory holds water – if money is also a form of energy/power/force – then the energy of the $100 is returned to its “owner” the same day, within 2-3 days, up to a week or a month.  Depending on the quantity of the energy, it could take longer.

To try this at home, give a complete stranger $100, who may need money.  Then observe for the next 30 days (to allow for enough time) – and see if you get back from “life” in a “mysterious way” the energy back…

Try $100 so you have a quantity that will not elude you when it returns.  Of course you can make the experiment with $10 if you wish – and you will need to be more vigilant to see how it gets back to you.  You can give it to anyone in need, a homeless person, a friend, a charity…

Remember, you get something when you DON’T need it…

Thus, ONLY After you will practice being the person you always wanted to be… ONLY after you are actually living/breathing/thinking that life –  you will GET it, you will BE it and ‘will it’ into your life (not before.)

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  1. Micha Eizen said:

    I am amazed to see that you are writing about the things which I deal with in my life’s journey, and you are describing them in your own words which are similar to the language and terms which I am learning them…:)

    You Get Something When You Don’t Need It… it also means you get something when you know how to want it, there is a difference between needing and wanting, and when we know “how to want” things in life, then we get them.

    Thank you for sharing these mechanizes which the universe is operating by 🙂


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