Chapter 03 – Everything Is…

Everything Is…

Let’s begin the life examination journey with this: Everything Is … what you make of it.

There you have it.

The rest my friend, is an elaborate labyrinth of many different things coming together – that the sum of which forms what we call our “universe” or “life” or the “human experience.”

After growing up and noticing the life events around me, two things became apparent:

1) There are universal laws operating on us all the time, and yet, they are not taught with the same vigor as the laws of mathematics, physics, reading and writing.  We ought to develop a deeper understanding of how these laws work, so if they are real and true, everyone should be able to use them in our world.

2) There are no rules of engagement that are rooted in these universal laws.  We are not taught how to behave with one another, with other species, with our planet, based on these rules.  For example, you may be taught that stealing is wrong.  You may go all of your life obeying this rule…

What if there is a really good reason for not stealing that can be proven? 

What if you were taught WHY stealing is going to hurt you eventually?

What if you are proven that the damage you inflict will come back at you and there is no avoiding it?

Just like the laws of gravity affect all of us, regardless of race, color, gender and so on – what if there are other laws that affect us and determine our lives?

If we can experiment and prove these laws – it would change humanity, forever.  Like the discovery of fire, language, math and gravity – we could prove or disprove more forces of nature.

We can then teach what our expectations ought to be from one another so there is a common understanding of it.

Do you think in a distant future a more peaceful planet may emerge?

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