Chapter 08 – The Most Powerful Force In Life Is Thought

The Most Powerful Force In Life Is Thought

What if the basic force of life is something so simple, common and available that it is right under our nose and we don’t realize it?  That would not be optimal to say the least.  If there is such a force, and it affects everything – why don’t we teach that in every school?

We are familiar with forces that we can direct with our hands, like when you squeeze a lemon, you can see the lemon juice coming out as a result of you squeezing it.  You don’t ponder “how did that happen” – do you?

You can directly link the THOUGHT you had (I want to squeeze lemon juice), to the ACT you did (grabbed a lemon, sliced it in half, started squeezing) and the RESULT of getting the juice into a cup.

Is that simple to grasp, understand and live by?  Of course, we all do it every day.

What would you say was the STRONGEST FORCE in this example of getting lemon juice into a cup?  Your hands?  The lemon?  The force of the knife?

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How about the THOUGHT…  Without the THOUGHT you would not begin the chain reaction to ACT and definitely you will not get the RESULT.

You may say, how can the thought be the strongest?  I don’t see a muscle contort when you “think.”  I don’t see any movement or a fruit being mangled – I see NOTHING at all, as you can’t see thoughts.

In a similar example, imagine the same lemon being dropped and GRAVITY pulls it towards Earth.  Can’t you also say the same thing about gravity?  It is a “force”, and you can’t see it, as there is no movement visible… yet gravity is the force that pulls the lemon towards the center of the Earth.

Consider this: The most powerful force of life, is THOUGHT.

Much like an atom is a small particle that is the basic structure of the physical world – THOUGHT is the basic structure of “life.”

Take anything you have done today, including the risky decision to get out of bed.  What preceded it was a thought to get out of bed.  Without this thought, you would still be there.  Imagine your body lying in a hospital bed, in a vegetative state.  You have every your body attached – yet, no thought of moving occurs.  No action in your brain is visible, and no ACT is performed by you, no RESULT achieved.

Would you not agree that without the THOUGHT to move, do, walk, eat, sleep and so on – you are just a mass of flesh and bones?

If thoughts are so simple, basic and critical – perhaps we have overlooked their true nature and power?  Perhaps in our school systems we only use our thoughts to mechanically compute things, remember things, figure out things… yet, we DO NOT teach the most important thing – how to CREATE using our thoughts.

You may say “whoa whoa whoa, who said we don’t create anything in school?  I created this project about….”  We teach kids how to mimic computers mostly.  Retrieve this trivia data for an exam, or calculate how much is 8+14?  These are functions that are not creating/forming anything new.  They merely re-arrange known information.

Imagine that your mind, was able not only to retrieve memories you have – imagine that you could CREATE things.  Imagine that with the SAME thought process you use to recall information and solve puzzles – that you could make things, “summon” or “will” them into your life.  Imagine that you manifest thoughts into the reality called your life – wouldn’t that be awesome?

The coming chapters describe direct experiences and indirect experiences collected from people.  There is also a poll of the blog readers to see what % have had similar experiences.  Based on the data collected will show if very few people had the same experience or most of us.  If the data shows that MOST of us have experienced these forces (albeit, we can’t see them, or prove them in a lab easily) – we ought to take the learning we gather seriously and apply it further.

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Jeopardy Music

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  1. הי אורי
    קראתי ברצף עד פרק 7 כי רציתי להבין לאן אתה חותר ו”להיכנס” קצת לעניינים. ועכשיו אני רוצה להגיב: 1. הערה טכנית: אנא הגדל את הכתב. הגופן קטן מאד וקשה לקריאה גם עם משקפיים….
    2. המשפט האחרון שלך בפרק 7 כל כך מרעיד אצלי את הנימים! הרי זה בדיוק כך גם אצלי. ולכן זו הסיבה שלמענה אני רוצה להקים את הקורס הזה שלי שכרגע אני קוראת לו “קורס מדעי החיים” או “אדריכלות החיים” או “אדריכלות הנפש”, בכל אופן עוד לא החלטתי על השם, אבל התכנים שאכניס בו יהיו בדיוק התכנים הללו. אלו התכנים שלא מלמדים אותם באף ביה”ס. ולעיתים גם ההורים עצמם לא מלמדים אותם. לכן אני חושבת שזה קשה חשוב ומשמעותי עבור הילדים/ נערים ללמוד את אותם התכנים!!!
    האם אתה מכיר את חנה בבלי, זו שלימדה נימוסים בימים של הורינו? ובכן אני שואפת לעשות ללימודי החיים את מה שהיא עשתה ללימודי ההליכות.
    אצרף לך פלאייר שאני עובדת עליו כבר כמה זמן ורוצה לפרסמו. אשמח שתאמר לי מה דעתך עליו.

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