Why Frameworks?
In my life examination, I am constantly amazed at those who studied a subject and not only published their findings – they also described the framework.

Newton for example could have been publishing one experiment after the next, with fantastic insights and contributions.  Yet, the most valuable contribution is not the result of any specific experiment – but rather the framework to show the results of ALL experiments.

The same can be said on many luminaries, such as Einstein, Galileo as well as Maslow in social science.

In the case of Alan Turing, when tasked with breaking the encryption of Enigma – he did not solve for the specific problem, but for ALL problems this encryption can produce.  Thus, not focusing on one problem, he took a step back to creating a framework to solve all problems.

In law enforcement, I noticed that some are chasing WHO did the crime they are investigating – while I had a tendency to try and figure out HOW the crime was committed (regardless of who).

It occurred to me that I am constantly thinking and analyzing the information I observe – and try to find the framework behind it.

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