Chapter 05 – What ‘is’ is?

What ‘is’ is?

No, this is not a post about Bill Clinton and his grand jury testimony

This is about the definition of “truth” and the word “is”, as in This Is True.

Just like in Chapter 4, we had to define the risks we take to build a foundational knowledge – we have more definitional work to do.

We began our journey with “Everything Is … what you make of it.”  Well, if I say something “is” something, then I am saying that it is true and that it is what it is.  Make sense?

However, when examining further, some problems begin to occur…  The word ‘is’ and the word ‘true’ are both relative.  Why?  Because the person who thinks or says these words, is the point of view/reference/projection.  Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the “beholder” viewpoint determines what “is” is.

For Example:

Mom: I want you to clean your room

Kid: My room is clean

What is going on here?  How can two people talk about the same room and see it so differently?  Whoa!

So if “is” is not that good of a descriptor of what is, or what’s true – then how are we going to examine further?  How can I think/say/write ANYTHING and you will feel/know/experience that it is what it is?

<something does not compute>

Well, we have to get down from the tree, step off the ledge and agree that anything anyone says – is relative to them, to their human experience and perception.

The problem is that we can create a mass perception of something, then regardless if its “true” or not, our community/society at large will operate AS IF it is true, and a new “fact of life” is established.

This is a problem, friends.  A big problem.

Could it be that we are all under mass “misperception” on a topic or two?

Could it be that because we live less than 100 years on average, and learn everything from our parents and teachers that they simply ALSO heard misperceptions from THEIR parents and teachers?  How far back in time is our CURRENT perception based on?

Could it be that some things that we ALL accept as “Truth” are not?  If so, what are the means to correct that?  Where do we begin?  How do we know that the “new truth” is true?


Deep thoughts…

We all take a deep breath…

What are WE willing to reconsider as part of our journey to examine our life?

What sacred cows are we willing to sacrifice when we ask the really tough questions?

What if we discover some very uncomfortable thoughts during the process of examining our life?

(note that I did not write “facts” or “truths” as I would then pretend that I know anything for sure – I simply used the word “thoughts”)


To take the Blue Pill, feel free to stop reading.  To take the Red Pill, Click here for Chapter 6


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