Chapter 12 – Drama = Stress = Disease = Death


So, what did we learn so far?  That there is most likely a force unseen (much like gravity) in the universe, which potentially observes the laws of physics as we know them.  This force, albeit not as linear and immediate as gravity, has the capacity to balance out our actions, which invariably always begin with our thoughts.

Ergo, our thoughts are a root cause for many things or everything we do, thus, we should really consider what we are thinking about…  Watch for what you wish for…

Consider this experiment: take twins at birth, with the same DNA makeup and separate them.  Place one twin with a family that always thinks positively, enjoys daily laughter, encourages each other when the going gets tough and so on…

Place the other twin with a family that exhibits the opposite behaviors and thought processes.  Every day this family’s thoughts and actions stem from “Drama” of all sorts.  They stress over everything, imagine the worst-case scenarios about EVERYTHING.  They second-guess and doubt their abilities to do anything and so on…

After 21 years of this experiment, you bring the two twins together for a reunion of sorts.  What do you think they will each look like? think? say? do during the meeting?

While no one has conducted this experiment, the point is that our thoughts are a core part of who we are, what we are, and what we become.

What is “Drama”?

Citing a dictionary “any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, or striking interest or results.”  The key here is that humans are aware of this thing called future, and know that actions we take in the present will affect our future.  Because there are endless permutations of the future, we can and we do spend much of our time worrying.  We worry about things that will not turn out as best as they could. Much like the outcome of an optimization problem, we worry that our lives will not be maximized.

In many cases the worry stems from fear, uncertainty, doubt and the unknown – and we tend to associate to this outcome an amount of pain.  It could be physical, emotional, financial and other pains.  It could simply be the thought that we will be wasting our precious time that will cause us pain.

Drama for this purpose is the overreaction and obsession of thinking about the potential future, and the anguish it causes right now.  For example, a woman would be spending hours worrying about a potential future she calls “what if he never calls me again?”  For simplicity, this is a 50/50 chance proposition if everything is being equal.  However, most of us don’t stir up drama in our minds about the potential GOOD outcome, we worry all the time about the potential BAD outcome – we create drama.

A man would be spending hours worrying about a potential future he calls “what if I ask her out and she says NO?”  Again, ask most men and they will say that they are fretting over and over again about being rejected and the potential negative outcome.  This causes stress in their minds which is damaging.

The general formula for this phenomenon is:

Drama = Stress = Disease = Death

Let’s gloss over the medical reasoning for this, as you may simply makes sense and you are nodding as you read.  If you want more proof, see the resources below.

The most important part to know about stress is that your own thoughts determine if it will cause the negative effects that lead to disease and so on.

Worry is a misuse of your imagination

Once in India I saw graffiti on the wall, which is a Dan Zadra quote:

“Worry is a misuse of your imagination”

How clever is that?

Many people live their lives worrying themselves to death, and focus mostly on the potential BAD outcomes that may occur.  Remember the chapter about relative and absolute risk?  This is concerning the worry about relative risk and little about absolute risk.

Why do people worry mostly about the potential BAD outcome?

If you learn to harness your mind and thoughts – you can GENERATE the positive outcome you want.  Once this concept dawns on you, it will seem like insanity to do anything but think positively about the potential GOOD outcomes and furthermore, how to GENERATE them…

Some books like The Secret talk about the Law Of Attraction, and so far, they have all pointed us in the right direction – albeit, without a good reason WHY the Law Of Attraction works…

Some of you who have read these books may say: It “sounds good” and maybe works for select few people… but it won’t work for me probably.  Maybe you think that some of the successes described in the books are simply flukes…

Many people think these thoughts only to themselves in their own minds… and with these very thoughts are setting in motion their life outcome.

What if, the Law Of Attraction, some way, some how – was “scientific”?

What if you had 100% PROOF through a direct experience of your own that IT WORKS… will you change your mind? your thoughts? your future outcome?

If you answered “Yes, who wouldn’t?!!!” – then you should think again.

In your own life you ALREADY experienced first-hand this law, mostly when you were a child, and was TOLD by adults to ignore/forget/abandon this “nonsense.”

If you inspect your childhood years, you will see that you experienced some “miracles.”  Even if these miracles only related to getting ice cream when you really wanted it, or that gift you always wished for and got one day.

You might be saying “well, that was my parents, or uncle or aunt or someone else who DID it… it was not a miracle.”  The point is, that if you KNEW for sure that thinking positively about the outcome you want, will help you get it – would you do it?

You really have NOTHING to lose by trying, as you may already think that this is just “Mumbo Jumbo” and not something a discerning adult would even consider.

A few minutes ago, with almost certainty, you thought that a twin placed with a family that produces daily drama would probably be less fortunate than the other one – could you imagine that you are the Drama Twin?

(Drama Queen pun, intended)

Could you imagine that you have been inundated with drama since day one and from all directions? From books, movies, parents, boss, children, spouse, partner, school, social norms, religious beliefs etc.  Furthermore, you were “cut off” at an early age from thinking REALLY positively about your life… Can you imagine that?

When you are introduced to the thought that drama could be the lead cause of stress in your life, and that stress could be the lead cause of disease in your life and that disease could be the lead cause of your death – what are you ready and willing to do about it?

Are you ready to REALLY THINK POSITIVELY about the potential GOOD outcome of your life???

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“To attract attractive people, you must be attractive. To attract powerful people, you must be powerful. To attract committed people, you must be committed. Instead of going to work on them, you go to work on yourself. If you become, you can attract.”

— Jim Rohn

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