Chapter 11 – Only Three Options To Live Your Life

Only Three Options To Live Your Life

Only three options to live your life:
1) Never know there are Life 101 Laws, and never learn/practice/master them
2) Realize at one point in your life there are Life 101 Laws, and choose to ignore them, or choose not to learn them, or not believe they are right here in front of you now.  Be cynical and keep missing the opportunity to better your life by examining these laws further
3) Learn the Life 101 Laws either by yourself through self-examination, or keep reading this blog and allow the seed to be planted in your mind, and begin your discovery process.  The seed is already planted if you read the blog this far…

It is good to start your own discovery and not just believe someone you never met who writes on a blog.  See it for yourself and get direct experiences.  Devise your own experiments, examine your life…

As a society we do not teach the forces of the universe as Laws.  As a society, we do not teach these Laws as it’s too “new age” or “mystical” and also controversial.  Heck, simple morality is not taught as it could be perceived “religious.”

If only we realized that morality preceded religion, this would not be an issue.  If we only realized that the Laws are based on math and physics – they would not be controversial.  Are Newton’s Laws controversial?  Maybe to some religious folks who would interpret the science as threatening to them (our history is filled with such cases.)  However, for the most part, the world understands these laws of gravity, they are simple to understand, experiment and prove.  If we could only extend these laws to “thoughts” and establish that thoughts have power/force maybe even mass – then we could infer all these things and they will not be so “out there.”

We lack experiments that will help bridge this knowledge into the mainstream.  An enlightened friend shared this after reading some of the blog: “What is needed is a deeper understanding of how these laws of the universe (or at least our sort of the universe) work.  Perhaps you can fund some research or work with a researcher to make those ideas available.  Right now this is in the realm of belief and anecdotal evidence.  It doesn’t make it wrong.  It just makes it harder to prove, to understand, to explain, and to use with any precision for our world.”

Thank you D.A. you are right.

In general, religions that seek to control the minds of their constituents are basically robbing the followers from thinking that something was before their religion.  The point is that just like gravity existed before we discovered it – that the same laws of the universe existed before we discovered them.  Once we formulate them, we can all see that indeed this is how “life” works, and we can change our behavior (mainly our thoughts) so we get where we want to go.

Life existed before religion.  The laws of Nature existed be fore religion.  The law of conservation of energy and morality were there before a human can think about them.  Similar to America existing, but not discovered by Columbus, the same goes for the Laws of Life.  They are here, they are affecting you right now as you read these lines, and unless you make sense and study them, you will go through life blind.

Similar to Newton’s laws that states for every force, there is an equal and opposite force – we can deduce that for every thought, there is an equal and opposite thought.

Your life, is a microcosm of the universe, and the grandeur of Life.  Just like mixing a tea cup creates the same effect as a tornado and the same shape as swirling galaxies, your life is also obeying the same rules.

So, if you never realize the Laws of Life, you will go through life blind and unaware.  You will go through life unhappy, as you will spend many of your living moments with the opposite forces to your actions.  You will not realize that you are creating your future, with the very thoughts you have, which lead to actions and then to results.

People who are angry with the world, their boss, their family, their spouse, their kids, their pets, their “life”, are in constant manufacturing of more and more thought-energy that has to be offset, and is constantly reacting…

If you understand this, and know how it works – you can now stop what you are doing and start generating the right thoughts, which will generate the right actions, which will generate the right results.

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References and Quotes:

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs — ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

— Harold Thurman Whitman, Philosopher

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