What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

When investors listen to your pitch, they are looking for conviction.

Conviction of your belief in your vision.  As many times founders see something others can’t (yet) – they are the sole force that can bring the vision to reality.  The founder must be a force of nature with their conviction that there is a pot of gold on the other side.

For if the founder is unsure or unconvinced… the investors surely will not part with their money to fund their venture.

So, are your absolutely sure your vision is achievable?  Do you feel it in your bones that you are the person to pursue this endeavor and bring success home?  Are you so sure that you are willing to risk your life, reputation and ego to go on this adventure?

If not, you should not raise money from outside investors, at least not yet.

How can the investor know you have this magical conviction?

Here is an example to help you visualize it.

Say that you know, FOR SURE, with 101% certainty, that a treasure chest is buried in a sand dune in Half Moon Bay, California.  You have a map, it has an X on it, and now all that is separating you from this treasure chest is… means to get to it.

You are currently in New York City, and have no money for cars, trains, planes… you can only walk.

You know that the treasure chest has the amount founder expect to get when they exit their startup.  Say that it is guaranteed to have $10,000,000.

Start your pitch to me… I am listening!

Say that you pitched ten investors, and all are saying they are not interested.

Do you still believe there is $10M waiting for you in the treasure chest?

You do.

Does it matter how many people will not believe you?  Does it matter if your parents tell you that you should get a real job?  Does it matter if you realize you need to walk there to get it?


Every person you meet, who is not seeing what you see, who does not KNOW what you feel viscerally, is one more obstacle to getting to your treasure chest.  No one should be the reason you stop moving towards it, or the reason you stop believing in it.

After all, it is not their vision, and you can’t blame them for that.  Most people just want to protect you and don’t want to see you fail.  They know the pain it brings, and they may be afraid it of it themselves.  They are also afraid of if for you.

So stop thinking about the naysayers as anything other than another obstacle on your way to your treasure chest.

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