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He who prays for his friend is answered first

Our Sages said: “He who prays for his friend is answered first.” You possess the energy of life. You received it in its entirety from God, from Buddha, from the universe, from life. It does not matter what we call the source of this energy. We receive life energy that is uniquely tailored for each and every one of  us.

Through these life forces we carry out all our activity—in thought, speech, and action. We may choose to take this life energy and translate it into action and into a blessing in our lives, towards ourselves and towards others, for example, by blessing others in our thoughts and our speech. This may help strengthen and empower the other person, provided they are capable of accepting this blessing. 

. Life energy that has become a blessing first passes through the person who blessed. We firste enjoy the blessing of the energy that passes through us and is directed to others. Therefore, it is good for us to have blessings in our hearts and souls for others, and for ourselves. 

But pay attention and be careful because  every tool is a double-edged sword, as stated. This rule also works in reverse. If we generate negative thoughts, words, and actions against others, we first harm ourselves. Slander is a dangerous thing that harms the slanderer, those who listen, and the person being slandered. Every negative thought that is sent into space with an “address of the person” incorporates three possibilities for causing harm:

A.    The person to whom the negative thought was sent may be harmed. This depends on their state of being. If they are at a different frequency (differences repel each other), it will not touch them, but it may still be dangerous for them. In a moment of weakness, the negative thought is liable to cling to them, arousing the low and negative frequency within them and weakening them.

B.     The negative thoughts thrown into the air constitute a negative echo sent into space. They are an invisible current, and when other people are exposed to it in the environment, they are liable to be hurt even though it was not aimed at them. Anyone in an environment where the air is polluted is liable to be harmed. What we are dealing with here is spiritual pollution. Will they be harmed? It depends on their state of being. If they are at a similar frequency, then “similarities attract,” and therefore they are liable to be harmed.

C.     One thing is guaranteed: the person who had the thought, the one who aimed, the one who generated the negative frequency, will certainly be harmed by what they generates, because they converted the life energy that passes through them into a negative frequency.

The digital age clearly illustrates what is happening in the world of thought. There is constant traffic in cyberspace that we do not see, but it takes place and passes from person to person. The same thing happens with thoughts. Every thought has an address to which it is sent and a space through which it passes. The Internet is a manifestation of the phenomenon of thought. An earthly reflection of the worlds of the spirit, the extrasensory. Black magic, for example, operates on these principles. If a person directs their thoughts negativity towards another person—that negativity will come back to them. A person who has good and blessed intentions in their heart and thoughts will benefit.

In the wake of this reality, it is desirable and recommended for people to be good and moral in all their intentions, including their hidden intentions. 

How easy it is to understand why it is good to be kind.


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